Kuzuha School Price


English Lesson

Small class with foreign teachers. All lessons are in English!
We will focus on speaking and develop international people who can express their opinions.

You can also take the UN Eiken Junior Test in our classroom!

Cherry Apple Mango Private Mango
10,000円 monthly 9,900円 monthly 8,800円 monthly 13,000円 monthly
Admission 12,000円 Insurance Fee 3,200円 (1 year)
Facility Fee 6,000円 Books 7,500円

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After School

After-school care for children will be conducted in English by a foreign instructor!
It can also be used in combination with English conversation lessons.

After School Programme Ticket
After-class tickets are available for irregular use.
Not available at Season Schools or Events.

5 times
10 times
Kindergarten (14:30〜18:30) Elementary (14:30〜18:30)
Apple Apple
Once a week 2 times a week 3 times a week
16,500円 monthly 20,000円 monthly 26,500円 monthly
Admission 21,000円 Books 7,500円
Insurance Fee 3,200円(Yearly) Facility Fee 10,000円(Yearly)

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Adult Class

1 lesson per week!

In addition, there are various ways to learn, such as for Eiken, TOEIC, and TOEFL.

(10:30〜12:30 & 18:10〜20:10 55 minutes per session、with coffee)
Individual (2~3)
Small number
22,400円 monthly 16,500円 monthly 14,300円 monthly 8,800 円 monthly
Admission 14,700円 Senior Admission 10,000円
Insurance Fee 2,400円(Yearly) テキスト代 9,000円(Yearly)

※There are also reasonable payment courses for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Up to about 22% off!!!
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※ An additional renewal fee will be charged for each class each year. All prices include tax.