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Apricot Kids English School
Creating great minds, kind hearts and future leaders.
Here we have trained our Apricot teachers to
conduct lessons from a fun perspective.
We communicate with realistic English conversations
for our students to receive an authentic experience.
We believe the best way for kids to truly learn is by
having fun and positive interactive lessons,
this will allow the students to create lasting memories
to share with friends and Apricot teachers.

Immersion Education

We use productive learning methods by allowing students to engage with the English language despite the fact they still cannot speak, read or write at the present moment.
It is very common for kids to mimic their older influencers. Therefore, it is given that the more students enjoy their lessons, the more likely the will want to imitate their teachers English accent, or proficiency as a whole.
It is very affective for kids to start early English education as the Japanese language makes it harder for certain pronunciations to sound as natural or fluent the older they become such as the letters “L” and “R”. Since we understand that it is difficult in Japan to have English access, our teachers conduct all-English lessons allowing the most exposure of the language to the students.

Reasons to choose Apricot Kids

Point 1

Apricot Kids English school is an English school both for children and adults.

Point 2

By communicating with foreign teachers, children can be exposed to other cultures as well as becoming more inclined of learning the English language.

Point 3

Here at Apricot Kids English school children will learn 4
specific skills: Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. However, we do mainly focus on speaking skills.

Point 4

We aim for our students to be “All-embracing, broad minded people of the future”

Apricot KidsProgramme

International Preschool

English childcare for preschoolers! Children will naturally learn English as they play.

After School

After-school care for children is conducted in English by a foreign instructor!

Study Abroad

Those who wish can participate in language training in Guam, for a week every January.


1 lesson per week! There are various ways to learn for Eiken, TOEIC, and TOEFL.

Adult Class

We offer English conversation classes for adults with various foreign teachers.

Business Partnership

We also offer business trip lessons (Subcontracting) in partnership with kindergartens.

International Day Care

International daycare service for children of non-Japanese families who are visiting Osaka.

Corporate Child Care

If their children are happy, so are their employees. Happy employees are more productive! Be partner with us!


Join us in our school events! Enjoy, interact and learn English while having fun!

News & Info


New classroom near Keihan Korien Station Opening in April 2024!

Hello everyone! We have decided to open a new classroom near Keihan Korien Station in April 2024! Our experienced foreign […]


Information on Spring School 2024

Why not spend your spring break at Apricot with your friends and teachers?We have prepared a variety of programs such […]


Now accepting reservations for Eiken Class Trial lessons!

We will be offering Saturday Eiken Classes from April 2024. Our goal is to pass the Eiken test with 40 […]

School Information


Korien School

Osaka-fu, Neyagawa City, Taicho 13-29
Operating Hours: Mon〜Fri 14:00~20:00 | Sat 9:00~19:00
TEL: 080-9120-2510


Ibaraki School

Osaka-fu, Ibaraki-shi, Tenno 2-4-12 Heights Yamaguchi 2F
Operating Hours: Mon〜Fri 9:00~18:00 | Sat 10:00~19:00
TEL: 080-9745-7780