Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I try/visit/enroll at any time?

A. Trials are accepted any time. Please contact us by phone, e-mail, line, etc. to reserve a trial day. Please come to school with your child on the day.

We will explain the service contents and management policy during the trial, so please understand them before you join the membership.

Q. Us parents don’t understand English, but I want my children to pass…

A. All lessons are conducted by a foreign teacher, but please be assured that the Japanese staff will support you.

Q. Are there lessons on Saturdays?

A. There are lessons for English conversation class, Saturday Class (14:00-18:00). However, there is no preschool.

Q. Can I maintain my English ability after graduation?

A. Most of the children who have graduated from our preschool are going to kindergarten in Japan, but we continue to participate in our kindergarten class, Apple class and after school, to further improve our English ability.

Q. Can I take an Eiken?

A. You can take the United Nations Examination. From the third grade of elementary school, we will learn the contents of Eiken.

Q. Do you parking spaces available?

A. There is a parking at Kuzuha school, but there is parking at Ibaraki school.

Q. Is there any cost other than the price list?

A. Additional charges will be incurred for the items you purchase for the first time and for additional parties such as parties and events that you want to join.