Guam Programme

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About Guam Programme

First Week of January


To expand the possibilities of children’s English in Guam, America, where is closest to Japan, and to deepen interaction with foreign friends.


Apricot Kids English School

Local School

Dominican Catholic School
Saint Paul Christian School


3 years and over
Can speak everyday English (Max interviews)
Parents can accompany
For elementary school students and above,
please contact us if you would like to participate with one child


10 people (minimum 3 people)


Max(Apricot Kids)Rebecca {Giving Tree Preschool}
Hiroko(Apricot Kids)

School day

Next scheduled for January 2024

Commuting time

AM8:00~PM3:00 Dominican Catholic School OR Saint Paul
Christian School
PM3:00~PM5:30 (After class by Max)

Things to bring

Backpack, notebook, pencil case, water bottle, sports shoes

Items to be prepared before departure (English)
①Tuberculin test
②Chest x-ray
American schools must keep a negative result of the tuberculin test for new students. If these tests are positive, a chest x-ray is needed to show that you do not have active tuberculosis.
Therefore, an English certificate is required.
Paper will be prepared at Apricot Kids English School.
Make sure that you do write down the “inspection date, hospital name, hospital address, doctor name, seal (or signature)”.
Please submit to Apricot Kids English School by December 20th.
This program does not include student tickets.
Apricot Kids English School can arrange airline tickets and hotels through travel agencies.

Guam Schedule

First Week of January

Time Schedule
Depart from hotel
Arrival in school
8:00 Class
15:00 Leaving school
After lesson
Sea and pool
Snack time
17:00 Finish

Entry fee 2000$(Separate application fee of 60,000 yen)
Local school tuition, Apricot Kids tuition, uniform fee
School lunch (for 5 days), car rental fee, gasoline
Inter-school transfer, guide ticket, guide accommodation, office fees
※ Payment is US$, but if you would like Japanese Yen, the exchange rate will be calculated on December 16th.
Please pay by December 16 (Monday).
Please join overseas insurance by yourself.
Apricot Kids English School staff will assist you in the transfer and treatment when you go to the hospital there.
Valuable experiences and many memories at this time of year! !!
We look forward to your application! !!